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Montessori Based Beginner's Packet

Montessori Based Beginner's Packet

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Do you use the Montessori Method in Math and need to begin working with your child?

This 20-page packet will help your child begin to understand the Montessori method and concepts.

This specific product will need to have a Montessori bead 10-set to go with the Bead Stairs page.

Great for beginning learners.

Laminate or place in a sheet protector.

What's Included:

1. Montessori Bead Chart
2. Bead Counter Chart
3. Color the Bead Counter Chart
4. Bead Stairs
5. 3-Part Counter Cards
6. Montessori Counter Booklet in Regular and Traceable Fonts
7. Cut and paste the number to the bead activity page
8. Trace and write the number to the bead activity page

PDF Digital Copy.

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