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Teegarden, Mary

Multisyllabic Words Board Game Set

Multisyllabic Words Board Game Set

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I am always looking for fun and engaging ways to practice the foundational reading skills that I am working on with my 1st and 2nd Grade Students.

I created this fun, multisyllabic words board game resource so that my students could practice reading fluency for different types of multisyllabic words.

This resource goes through all 6 different types of syllables (closed/vowel+consonant-e/open/vowel team/r-controlled vowels and consonant+le)

This resource contains 10 different board games containing each of the 6 syllable types mentioned above.

● To play you will need to print off the board game sheets and collect some type of markers for game pieces and a die.
● On your turn you will roll the dice and move that many spaces.
● If you read the word correctly you may stay on that space.
● If you read the word incorrectly you must go back to start and begin again.

Why is it so important to learn to read multisyllabic words?
Reading multisyllabic words is important for children because it helps them better understand the vast majority of words they'll encounter in their reading, but it will also improve their spelling skills and overall comprehension levels.
I hope you and your child/student enjoy playing this game as much as I do!!

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