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Nature Art Journal for Kids: Explore Art Elements and Plant Science Topics

Nature Art Journal for Kids: Explore Art Elements and Plant Science Topics

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🪴Introducing our stunning elementary nature art journal, complete with all seven art elements and a wide range of fascinating plant science topics. 

🌸Immerse yourself in the wonders of nature as you explore various artistic techniques and discover the beauty of plants and their ecosystems. 

🌼Our journal is perfect for young learners and budding artists alike, providing an enriching and educational experience that is sure to inspire creativity and foster a love of nature. With guided illustrations and insightful information, this art journal is the perfect way to explore the natural world while developing important skills and knowledge. 

☀️Whether you're a teacher, student, or nature enthusiast, our elementary nature art journal is a must-have for anyone who wants to connect with the world around them.

🍃This nature art journal is meant for independent use and discovery. You’ll be encouraged to get outside, gather nature items, and apply them to the art element of the unit.

🍁You’ll learn all about line, texture, shape, color, value, space, and form, while also deep-diving into plant biology, plant parts, shapes of leaves, flower parts, plant life cycles, seasons, and even photosynthesis.

🥕Grab this nature art journal today and unlock your natural artist!


PAGES: 35 Activities; 59 pages

FORMAT: pdf printable

AGES: 8-12

USE: Independent use

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