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Teegarden, Mary

New Testament Bible Stories Coloring Fun Pack

New Testament Bible Stories Coloring Fun Pack

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This 98-page no prep resource contains coloring pages of the most popular Bible stories in the New Testament.

I designed this resource to be used in several ways.
1. You can use it for personal use with your own kids/grandkids as a fun way to reinforce the Bible stories you are teaching them at home.
2. It can also be used in a church or private school setting to go along with weekly curriculum and Bible stories that you are teaching your students.

Have fun and enjoy this resource with your kids!

Table of Contents:
Jesus Is Born pg. 3-7
Boy Jesus At The Temple pg. 9-10
Jesus Is Baptized pg. 12-14
Fishers Of Men pg. 16-19
Jesus Turns Water Into Wine pg. 21-24
Jesus And the Woman At the Well pg. 32
Parable Of The Sower pg. 34-37
Jesus Calms The Storm pg. 39-41
Jesus Feeds The Five Thousand pg. 43-47
The Good Samaritan pg. 49-54
Jesus Visits Mary and Martha pg. 56-58
The Prodigal Son pg. 60-65
Jesus Meets Zacchaeus pg. 67
Jesus Heals The Blind Man pg. 69-72
Jesus Raises Lazarus From The Dead pg. 74-78
Jesus Rides Into Jerusalem pg. 80
The Last Supper pg. 82-83
The Easter Story pg. 85-92
Jesus Ascends Into Heaven pg. 94
Peter and John Heal A Crippled Man pg. 96-98

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