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Teegarden, Mary

Old Testament Bible Stories Coloring Sheets Fun Pack!

Old Testament Bible Stories Coloring Sheets Fun Pack!

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This 130 PAGE NO PREP RESOURCE contains coloring pages of the most popular Bible stories in the Old Testament.

I designed this resource to be used in several ways.
● You can use it for personal use with your own kids/grandkids as a fun way to reinforce the Bible stories you are teaching them at home.
● It can also be used in a church or private school setting to go along with weekly curriculum and Bible stories that you are teaching your students.

This activity is perfect for Pre-K up through second grade. Have fun and enjoy this resource with your students/kids!

Table of Contents
Creation of the World pg. 3-9
Adam and Eve pg. 11-17
Noah's Ark pg. 19-34
Tower of Babel pg. 36-37
Abraham and Sarah pg. 39-41
Jacob and Esau pg. 43-47
Joseph and His Coat of Many Colors pg. 49-58
Moses is Born/Burning Bush pg. 60-64
Moses and the Plagues/Part the Red Sea. pg. 65-76
Moses and the Ten Commandments pg. 77-88
Deborah pg. 50
Samson and Delilah pg. 92-100
David and Goliath pg. 102-106
David and Jonathan pg. 108-112
Queen Esther pg. 114
Daniel and the Lion's Den pg. 116-122
Jonah and the Whale pg. 124-130

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