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Saldaña, Lara

Our 50 States Full Unit Study: NORTHEAST

Our 50 States Full Unit Study: NORTHEAST

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This 54-page unit study helps your students learn the Northeast region of our 50 states in a fun and creative way.

We include hassle-free crafts so that the only supplies needed are scissors, glue, and kids! Our coloring pages are enjoyable for both younger students wanting to be involved and more artistic kids who take every opportunity to color.

We offer a crossword for each region giving the students directional clues to identify each state (this can be modified for skill level by allowing them to use a map while following the clues).

Each region also has a cut and fold diorama to create as a reward for completing those states.

Each of the 50 states has a page of short and interesting facts with sources listed at the end for easily digging deeper if desired.

Word match games for fun facts and capital instill confidence and enjoyment in learning about our great country!

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