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Machher, Tracey

Parable of the Fishing Net - Color and Teach

Parable of the Fishing Net - Color and Teach

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This printable download is part of the "Teach and Color" series, an educational resource that explores the Parables of Jesus. The activity focuses on the Parable of the Fishing Net and employs coloring sheets to guide students through the story. This 8-page resource can be used as personal workbooks, in Sunday School lessons, group activities, or as a bulletin board display. The colored border adds an engaging touch, and if preferred, the printable can be produced in greyscale.


Learning Aims for this Class:


Understanding the Parable: Encourage students to comprehend the message behind the Parable of the Fishing Net, emphasizing its significance in the teachings of Jesus.


Scripture Knowledge: Promote familiarity with the specific biblical passage, Matthew 13:47-49, which inspired the parable, and its relevance in the broader context of Jesus' teachings.


Creativity and Focus: Utilize coloring as a tool to enhance concentration and encourage creative expression while engaging with the parable.


Retelling and Memory: Encourage students to retell the story using the colored sheets, aiding in memory retention and comprehension of the parable's key elements.


Application of Knowledge: Prompt students to reflect on how the parable's message can be applied to their lives, fostering a deeper understanding of its relevance.


Critical Thinking: Encourage critical thinking by discussing the parable's moral implications and its impact on one's faith journey.


This "Teach and Color" resource offers a dynamic and interactive approach to studying the Parable of the Fishing Net, providing teachers and students with a versatile tool for engaging with this essential biblical narrative.

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