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Robertson, Diane

Paragraph Writing

Paragraph Writing

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This product is a pdf digital download. It is a single lesson on what a paragraph is and how to write a stand-alone paragraph.

This product is for the 3rd to 4th grade student who is competent in writing sentences and is ready to put sentences together about a single subject. The student must already know basic capitalization, sentence structure, and grammar to be ready to write a paragraph.

This product teaches that:

"Paragraphs are groups of sentences on a single unique topic. Most paragraphs are two to five sentences long, but they can be longer. Every sentence in a paragraph should be about the same thing. If the topic changes a little, that means it is time to start a new paragraph.

At the start of every paragraph, you indent the first line. That means that you place the first word a little further away from the left edge of the paper compared to all other lines. If you are typing your paragraph, the tab button will do this for you. Another way to show the start of a new paragraph is to put a blank line between the end of the last paragraph and the beginning of the new paragraph."

The product additionally gives to steps to write a paragraph, and then gives a table of ideas for a paragraph and by way of assignment asks the student to choose an idea from the table and provides space for a 3 to 5 sentence paragraph to be written on a single topic.

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