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Kennedy, Laura

Parts of Speech

Parts of Speech

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This set of books/PDF’s is 4-weeks with 5 days of lessons in each week. The material covered includes nouns, pronouns, verbs, direct objects, indirect objects, adjectives, prepositional phrases, and diagramming. The lessons are from Bible stories and the Z-Team. Each daily lesson comes with a pre-recorded video teaching the lesson for the day, a Bible story, Z-Team comments, and an activity. 

The Z-Team consists of two birds named Ziggy, a Raven, and Zippy, a dove. These birds fly to different Bible stories and share what they see and hear while teaching educational lessons. These comments help children understand the Bible stories more on their level.  

This Parts of Speech set also comes with a Facebook group where you can not only access the PDFs but can also access the pre-recorded videos and receive support from other parents using the materials. 

This group and Parts of Speech set is perfect for a family with multiple ages of children because once you are a member of the group, you are there for as long as you need to be, saving you money over time. 

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