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Elevate English (Valerie Stone)

Parts of Speech: Nouns (Self-Paced)

Parts of Speech: Nouns (Self-Paced)

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What is the purpose of this resource?

This self-paced noun resource includes everything you need to understand, identify, and label nouns. This 17-page study is perfect for the elementary-aged student who is learning the parts of speech and how to use each part in a sentence.

What noun labels are reviewed in this study?

Common vs proper
Concrete vs. abstract
Singular vs. plural
Countable vs. uncountable

What is included?

Lesson Guide
Video - 5 minute video discussing nouns
Graphic Organizer - noun definition, types, and examples
Drawing Activity - 1 drawing activity
Practice Activities - 8 practical applications
Review - 1 final review
Answer Key - includes answers for the practical applications and final review

What is the format?

The student and answer guides will arrive digitally as a printable PDF file.  Because this is a self-paced class, no interaction with the teacher will be available.

What is the Easy Grammar Series?

“Parts of Speech: Nouns” is the first installment of Elevate English's Easy Grammar Series, designed to make learning grammar clear, accessible, and enjoyable! Future guides will tackle different parts of speech, punctuation, and the art of academic writing. Enroll in "Parts of Speech: Nouns" today, and get ready for the Easy Grammar Series adventure!

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