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Robertson, Diane

Personal Narrative Writing

Personal Narrative Writing

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This product is a pdf file digital download. It contains 4 pages. This is a lesson on how to write a personal narrative for the 3rd to 4th grade student. These lessons are for students who have had practice writing a single, stand-alone paragraph, on a single and precise topic. The student should have a working knowledge of how to write sentences, including rules on capitalization, periods, question marks, exclamation points, and basic elementary comma usage.

This lesson teaches what a personal narrative is and how one would go about writing a personal narrative. It tries to make it easy for the student by relating personal narrative writing to telling a parent what happened to them. It discourages writing lists of dates and events and encourages telling a specific, short, personal story.

The lesson includes a worksheet in which to write down title, place, time, and up to 5 things that take place in the personal story that the student wants to write. Then it includes 2 pages of pretty stationery on which to write their personal narrative.

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