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Erickson Piano Studio (Christine Erickson)

Piano Keyboard Puzzle

Piano Keyboard Puzzle

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Our Piano Keyboard Puzzle is a great way for young children to understand keyboard orientation. Puzzles are a great hands-on learning activity!

We recommend printing the puzzle pieces on card stock and laminate so they can be used over and over.
Our students love to build keyboards with the Piano Keyboard Puzzle in our studio!

Extra activities:
Laminate and use a dry erase marker/crayon to label the piano keys.
Use small toys or erasers to jump from groups of 2 black keys across the keyboard.
Use small toys or erasers to jump from groups of 3 black keys across the keyboard.

Terms of use:
This file is for your private use. Teachers may use this with the students they teach themselves in the studio.

Please do not share outside of your studio with other teachers. Each teacher and/or parent needs to make a separate purchase.

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