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Holladay, Marcie

Pinky Pye Novel Study

Pinky Pye Novel Study

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Excellent book study comprised of many thought-provoking, discussion-engaging questions plus vocabulary words and fun activities. Encompasses art, geography, cooking, history, and more.

Your students will love hearing about the Pyes’ summer vacation and doing activities the Pyes did. This includes eating the foods the Pyes ate and balancing sticks on the end of their finger or nose like Jerry does. They’ll also love to bird watch, build wagons and mailboxes, and sleep in sleeping bags.

Build wonderful bonding memories as you do this book study and activities with your class or children. Written with homeschoolers in mind but works for all school settings.

For older students, print and pass out the packet for them to do the questions and vocabulary words on their own. For younger students and homeschools, you can do the questions orally or write down the answers for them. Very versatile.

Pick and choose what works for your situation out of many questions, vocab words and activities. You don’t have to do them all! Priced low enough that even doing a few activities is worth it. What you do pick will be sure to be memorable for both you and the children you teach.

Grades 2-8. Study guide is 33 pages including 1 page of teacher tips and 2 pages of final questions and activities. There are a total of about 62 questions, 83 vocabulary words, and 73 activity ideas to choose from in this packet.

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