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Robertson, Diane

Practice Percentages

Practice Percentages

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Learn About and Practice Percentages

An Algebraic Approach to Percent Problems is a 20-page math lesson on percentages at the pre-algebra to algebra one level.

Percentages is something that everyone uses over their lifetime whether it is in calculating sales tax or what an item is priced from a percentage discount or in knowing and understanding grades.

This lesson is a great reminder for the adult who teaches or just needs a refresher, for the student who has already learned this but forgot how to do it or for the pre-algebra/algebra 1 student who is just learning how to calculate percentages.

The lesson begins by going over to how convert among percents, decimals, and fractions with examples.

Next there is an exercise where the student needs to fill in the blanks of a conversion chart.

Then there is another lesson on the three types of percent problems and how to go from simple word problem to algebraic equations and then how to solve the equation with examples.

Next there are 24 simple word problems for the student to complete.

Then there is a lesson on the rise and fall of costs with percentages. The standard algebraic equations are given and then explained through examples.

Finally, there are 4 word problems and a chart to fill in the missing information.

All answers are included at the end of the lesson.

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