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Winn Krystal

Printable Family Chore Chart

Printable Family Chore Chart

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Say goodbye to household chore chaos and hello to organization! With this beautiful and easy to use family chore chart, planning is a breeze! Write in names of family members on one side and each chore under the designated days of the week. Your family will know exactly which chores they need to complete for each day!

Use as many prints as you need to help your family chore time stay orderly week after week! Or, if you need to conserve paper and ink, simply print, laminate and enjoy using these charts with dry erase markers.

This set of printable chore charts comes with three options to include 3, 4, or 5 family member names. Want to start tracking your chores on Monday instead of Sunday? Both Monday and Sunday start designs are included.

What are you waiting for? Grab yours today!

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What you will receive: 1 Thank You page and 6 PDF pages of full-color family chore charts.

Five Ways to Liven Up Chore Time in Your Home:

1. Groovy Tunes Playlist: Turn on some groovy tunes while tackling chores! Create a playlist that makes everyone want to dance and sing along. It's amazing how a little music can turn folding laundry into a disco party.

2.Chore Challenge Extravaganza: Transform the mundane into the extraordinary with chore challenges. Set a timer and see who can clean their room the fastest or who can do the most creative job washing dishes. The winner gets bragging rights and a high-five!

3. Superhero Sweepstakes: Every family member gets to choose a superhero alter ego during chore time. Imagine Iron Vacuum, Captain Dishwasher, or Wonder Mopper swooping in to save the day! It adds a touch of imagination to everyday tasks.

4. Random Acts of Chore Kindness: Spice things up by doing each other's chores as a surprise. Sneak in and fold your sibling's laundry or unload the dishwasher for your parents. It's a win-win, and who doesn't love a pleasant surprise?

5. DIY Chore Rewards Jar: Create a jar filled with small rewards or privileges. Each time someone completes a chore, they get to pick a reward from the jar. It could be something like choosing the movie for the family night or having a special dessert. It adds an element of excitement to the routine.

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