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Teegarden, Mary

Printable Fun Pack of Alphabet Coloring Sheets

Printable Fun Pack of Alphabet Coloring Sheets

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I created this fun coloring resource to supplement with children as you are teaching the names and sounds of the letters of the alphabet.

These coloring sheets are a great way to practice the names and sounds of the letters of the alphabet. You can have children practice saying the letter name and sound as well as each picture that starts with that sound as they color them in.

This resource is PRINTABLE and contains 26 pages, one for each letter of the alphabet. Each slide contains one upper and lowercase letter as well as pictures that begin with that letter sound.

Why are alphabet coloring pages important for kids?
● They are ENGAGING for children and hold their attention as they review skills they have been taught.
● They are VISUALLY APPEALING and help them focus on the skills they are learning.
● They help students RETAIN the letters and names of the alphabet by presenting in a different way.
● They ENHANCE the learning experience by giving children a creative outlet of coloring to practice the new knowledge of the alphabet.
● They are EASY TO USE for adults. You can download and print the pages as many times as you want to for your students/children to practice.
● They teach GOOD PENCIL GRIP and EYE HAND COORDINATION for young children.
I always LOVED to color as a child, and I think it is a fun and creative way to stimulate our kiddos brains.
I hope you enjoy this resource and have fun using it!

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