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Pumpkin Hands-on Project with Social Studies, Math, and STEAM for Fall

Pumpkin Hands-on Project with Social Studies, Math, and STEAM for Fall

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Explore what it would be like to own your own pumpkin patch this fall season!

Build a 3D pumpkin patch, research growing seasons, record data on a chart, sell your pumpkins at a market, and so much more.

The combined 6 steps in this project creates a cross-curricular learning experience where students can dive into economics, social studies, life skills, and basic math without even realizing it!

By the end of the project, students will have a portfolio of information, including charts, research specific to their growing region, and a 3D pumpkin patch they can be proud of.

So what’s included?

1 hands-on project
3 corresponding worksheets
2 reading/learning pages
How to Use and Supplies List
Student Guide for independent use
Answer Keys
Bonus Pumpkin Freebie

How to use in your classroom

For Pumpkin Week - Easily set up your elementary classroom around this project. With 6 unique steps that lead the student to "growing" their own pumpkin patch, you'll have plenty to do!

As a Cumulative Assessment - This is the easiest way to teach basic economics to elementary students. Use all 6 steps to assess what they've learned and give a grade.

Independent Project - Because of the included Student Guide, older elementary students can complete this project with minimal adult supervision.

Group Project - With separate steps and activities, students could easily split this up into different parts and create their own group pumpkin patch.

Science Fair Project - Looking for an economics-focused fair project? Try this one this fall! Please enjoy! -Abbey Allen ARTventurous Animals

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