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Ortiz, Kathy

Reading Comprehension + Writing Prompt: What are Marsupials? for Grade 5

Reading Comprehension + Writing Prompt: What are Marsupials? for Grade 5

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Do your students have issues with retaining comprehension of what they read?  

Are your students reluctant to write essays? 

My Reading Comprehension + Writing Prompt lessons will help you with these issues. I used these lessons with my online students and my own kids when I homeschooled them. The catch is the short story format in which each story is a science or history topic, each one is different. This keeps kids interested and gives them options for what to write about.

Also, an added bonus in that your student is getting some science or history lessons. I have seen students learn to love reading again with these short lessons. 

In these Reading Comprehension + Writing Prompt lessons, students will read a short story. Then answer the 5 comprehension questions. On the last page, there is a writing prompt/question for students to answer and write 1-2 paragraphs answering the question(s). The answers to the comprehension questions are in the story. The last page also has a picture(s) and sometimes a video having to do with the lesson. 

Bonus Activity: Use the 5 comprehension questions in interactive online games like,,, I use these in my online classroom, and students love them. 

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