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Kennedy, Laura

Roadmap Sessions/ 1:1 Life Coaching

Roadmap Sessions/ 1:1 Life Coaching

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When joining the Roadmap Sessions/1:1 Life Coaching, you will receive four weeks of one hour per week following a proven outline to help you, mom, not only get closer to God but fight past the temptations and fears in life to move forward. 

Each week we first look at scripture to lead us for the week, how the last week went, and then look at the next week's topic. In the first week, we lay the foundation, just as in gardening. In the second week, we look at the distractions and enemies that sneak in that are keeping you from moving forward. Together, we set a plan to stop the distraction to help you focus.  In the third week, we then weed out the path, looking at our mouths at what we say. Do you have willpower or God’s power? Then in the fourth week, we press forward and set goals. 

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