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Zenker, Madelyn

Saints Around the World Workbook

Saints Around the World Workbook

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This resource introduces students to 4 saints in an engaging and thought-provoking way.

Why learn about the saints?

The saints are an incredible gift to the church, and their lives are filled with so many lessons that can inspire us to trust God and depend more on Him. The Catechism states that the saints “contemplate God, praise him and constantly care for those whom they have left on earth.” Learning about the saints and asking for their intercession is a powerful and important part of our faith life and we are never too young (or old!) to learn about these amazing brothers and sisters in Christ.

Students will learn about each saint and have the opportunity to reflect on the lessons of their lives and how they can apply it to their own life. There is the opportunity to complete a creative activity for each saint (letter writing, comic creation, etc.) to demonstrate what they have learned about that saint. The workbook concludes with a comparing and contrasting activity that allows the student to apply what they have learned to 2 saints of their choice. Additionally, there are 2 prayers included that relate to the saints and will help students to dive deeper into their faith lives.

Saints included:

✝️Saint Thérèse of Lisieux

✝️Saint Dominic Savio

✝️Saint Teresa of Calcuta

✝️Saint Josephine Bakhita

This digital download includes:

  • 1 page biography passage on each saint
  • Reflection questions for each saint
  • Fun, creative activity to apply what you’ve learned for each saint
  • Comparing & contrasting activity to summarize what you’ve learned
  • 2 prayers to deepen your faith

This resource can be an excellent All Saints activity, Catechism resource, or even a supplemental resource to use in your family’s home.

This digital download includes 15 pages of reading/activities with engaging graphics and images of the saints to deepen your learner’s faith and prayer life.

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