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McMann Elizabeth

Big Book of 30+ Science Experiments

Big Book of 30+ Science Experiments

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Want your child to fall in love with science? Watch as joy and amazement fills your child's face as they complete these fun science experiments.

30+ fun science journals with step-by-step instructions for completing experiments while using supplies found in your own home. Learners ages 5+ will enjoy these wondrous yet, simple experiments! Each science journal focuses on specific scientific terms to ponder with explanations at the end. Learners will become familiar and confident practicing the scientific method while using the journals to write or draw their hypothesis and observations throughout the experiments.

Science Experiments:

3-in-1 Magic Water
3-in-1 Air Pressure
3-in-1 Balloon & a Bottle
Chemistry & Bath Bombs
Bottle Diver
Build & Melt a Snowman
Cloud Dough
Dancing Corn
Dinosaur Toothpaste
Dancing Raisins
Exploding Monsters
Fishing for Ice
Friction Rice
Growing Rainbows
Hot Chocolate Science
Ice Cream in a Bag
Jumping Frogs Magic Spoon
Lava Lamp
Lemon Volcano
Magic Milk & Peppers
Shiny Pennies
Soap Science
Ultimate Cookie Dunk
Unbreakable Bag
Phases of the Moon with Oreos
Play-Dough Volcano

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