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Robertson, Diane

Science Lesson: Bodies of Water

Science Lesson: Bodies of Water

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This is a complete earth science lesson on types of bodies of water. This is a printable and downloadable PDF file.

It is a 16-page document with 10 pages of instruction and 4 pages of worksheets appropriate for the 3rd to 5th grade student.

It provides a definition or description, picture, and examples of these bodies of water:

  • Water
  • Basin
  • Bay
  • Bayou
  • Brook
  • Canal
  • Channel
  • Cove
  • Creek
  • Delta Estuary
  • Fjord
  • Gulf
  • Harbor
  • Lagoon
  • Lake
  • Marsh
  • Ocean
  • Pond
  • Reservoir
  • River
  • Sea
  • Sound
  • Stream
  • Swamp
  • Tributary

Once the information is covered with pictures of each type of body of water, there are 18 open ended questions to answer about the different bodies of water and the information covered in the lesson section. Next there is a matching of pictures with names of bodies of waters and finally there is a word search for fun.

This lesson with the 3 worksheets is expected to take one hour or more. It may be something to complete in two segments as there is a lot of reading and there is some expectation that the student will need to go back and look through the lesson material again to answer the questions.

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