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Teegarden, Mary

Sight Word Sentence Scramble Activity- Level 1

Sight Word Sentence Scramble Activity- Level 1

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If you have been looking for sight word and writing activity that your students will love working on, look no further!

Mixed Up Sight Word Scramble Activity is an activity to practice sight words, phonics, vocabulary, fluency and writing. Perfect for a homeschool setting, classroom literacy center or even for a small group intervention.

Once prepped and ready it can be used for multiple weeks! This center includes the beginning level sight words that would be introduced to students during their Kindergarten year. It can however be used with 1st or 2nd grade students as well who need extra practice with those beginning level sight words especially in the intervention setting.

What's Included:
● Directions Page
● 26 pages of pre-made colored sentences
● 26 pages of pre-made B&W sentences
● Recording page for writing

How To Use: There are 26 sentences included in this resource (a mix of 4 and 5 word sentences). This means that you can use this resource for multiple weeks. The recording sheet has room for 5 sentences each week.
The student will have to unscramble the five sentences you choose. It helps to either use the already made color coded sentences or if you are creating your own sentences use the black and white versions and print on colored paper. Once the student unscrambles each sentence and puts them back together correctly, they then record the sentences on their recording sheet.

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