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Muir Melissa

Spanish Vocab Calendar Words Review Game

Spanish Vocab Calendar Words Review Game

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Vocabulary and reading fluency in Spanish can be fun!

⭐This activity is meant to review vocabulary pertaining to calendar items in Spanish. The instant download includes cards ready for you to print out and share with your students - very low-prep! 

This game is most appropriate for students in grades 1-5, but would be helpful for students learning Spanish in higher grades.

Adult learners will also enjoy the scaffolding and fun nature of this activity. While 24 vocabulary words have been included, you’ll also receive editable slides to add your own vocabulary and images!

Here's how to play Yo Tengo, Quién Tiene with 2 or more players:

  • Print out the cards. Using sturdier paper is recommended for durability. If possible, laminating each page would be best.
  • Cut out the cards and shuffle them.
  • Distribute them evenly among your students.
  • The game may start with any student. They'll ask their question, "Quién tiene..." , and the student who has that item will respond with "Yo tengo..." and proceed to ask their question. The game ends when the first student to speak respond with "Yo tengo...".
  • For language support and additional connection to the vocabulary, a QR code is included which will link you to a Google Slides presentation with photos, getting us closer to the gold standard for language learning with realia and realistic representations of the items.
  • To use the QR Code:

  • Open the camera on your phone or computer.
  • Scan the code provided on this page.
  • Open the Google Slides presentation. Make a copy of the presentation.
  • Then project as Google Slides or convert it to PowerPoint by choosing File>Download>PPTX.
  • As you progress through the game, show the appropriate on a computer screen or projector.
  • Objective:

    Students will use complete sentences to identify the school-related vocabulary word they hold on their card.

    Students will ask a question by reading the school-related vocabulary word printed on their card.

    Students will make real-world connections using the realistic photographs provided for each vocabulary word. This type of connection is proven to be one of the most effective for student vocabulary retention.

    Suggested use:

    - Warm-up activity 

    - Wrap-up activity

    - Spanish language learning support

    - Vocabulary review

    -Class bonding and teambuilding

    - This activity can be used in various ways to meet the needs of diverse learners. Connecting 21st Century Skills with fun elements of competition, students will enjoy the challenge set before them!

    - While this may begin as a review activity, it may also provide a meaningful opportunity for students to connect with otherwise distant vocabulary using the QR code realia.

    -Language learners and neurodiverse learners will appreciate the inclusion of linguistic support.

    -This instant download includes 11 PPTX slides.

    -This file can easily be converted into a Google Slides activity.

    -There are 24 vocabulary words included.

    -The PPTX and Google Slides files offer editable pages for you to add your own vocabulary and images.

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