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Kennedy, Laura

Spiritual Wellness

Spiritual Wellness

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Spiritual Wellness is a 3-week workshop that looks at your mindset, taking care of you from self-sabotage as we look in Genesis and Eve. Are you running and hiding from God? We then proceed to Daniel and look at temptations. Then, in week two we look at the vitamins and how to eat properly to take care of yourself with verses from Genesis and Proverbs 31. How do you plan out your meals? We then end with exercising your body and mind with more from Proverbs 31. We look at goal setting as you move forward to make better changes for you and your family. 

This workshop comes with a Facebook group where you will find pre-recorded videos for each week that you can listen to on your own timing as well as have accountability support from others in the group. You will also find the slides used in the videos for you to look at and study on your own.

Each week we will use scripture to guide us throughout the workshops. These 4-week workshops also come with action steps to work on over the next week. These action steps include what you have learned in the lesson and prepare for the next week. 

Laura Kennedy is a scripture-based life coach and educational consultant for moms who are home teaching their little ones. 

This workshop is perfect for the busy mom as you can set your own time to listen and stop, start, and even relisten to each workshop as you need to. The best part is, once the 3 weeks are over, you do not have to leave the group! Once you are a member of the group you can stay as long as you need, giving you the support and accountability to maintain a healthy lifestyle for you and your family. 

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