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Machher, Tracey

Stained Glass Windows Coloring Pages

Stained Glass Windows Coloring Pages

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Indulge in the enchanting beauty of 12 distinctive coloring pages evoking the charm of stained glass windows, reminiscent of vintage church artistry. Perfect for creating an alluring classroom focal point or adorning your bulletin board during festive seasons.

Not just limited to classroom use, these pages offer diverse applications – ideal for Sunday school activities, homeschool fine motor skill exercises for kindergarteners, or fostering Christmas-inspired artistry within your learning environment.

Each design, thoughtfully formatted to print one per page, showcases a decorative border pattern, doubling as a coloring frame. The versatility extends to either utilizing the colored frame or cutting out the image, allowing for diverse display options. Students can unleash their creativity, crafting vibrant masterpieces for exhibition.

12 pages

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