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Teacher Planner: Blue Themed

Teacher Planner: Blue Themed

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Get everything in order with this wonderful and thorough teacher planner.  This would also be amazing for homeschooling co-ops or if you are mapping out your school year!

What's Included:

1. Teacher Journal Cover and Spine
2. Daily Schedule Page
3. Weekly Timetables 
4. Weekly Planner Page
5. Annual Planning Page
6. Classroom Daily Lesson Planner Page
7. Classroom Weekly Lesson Planner Page
8. Class List Page
9. Student Information Page
10. Parent Contact List
11. Substitute Teacher Information Page
12. Academic Progress Report Page
13. Student Directory Page
14. Student Medical Information Page
15. Parent Conference Page and Notes Page 
16. Classroom Volunteers Page
17. Classroom Expenses Page
18. Inventory Log Page
19. Seating Chart Layout
20. Field Trip Planner and Log
21. Reading Log Page with Rating Scale
22. Reading List with Title, Author, and Progress Information
23. Attendance Log Page for the Whole Year
24. Supplies and Materials Page
25. Class Roster Page
26. Grade Tracker (Great for Transcripts!)
27. Assignment Tracker Page
28. Resource List
29. Activities List Page
30. To Do List
31. Task List
32. Special Dates and Birthdays
33. Meeting Notes
34. Regular Notes
35. Semester Overview Page
36. General Subject Unity Study Page along with Specific Subjects like: Geography, Math, Science, Art and Music, Language, and History
37. Portrait and Landscape Calendar formats

Digital download; Binding not available.

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