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Winn Krystal

Thanksgiving Activity Pack

Thanksgiving Activity Pack

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Thanksgiving Activity Pack

Engage your children with screen-free entertainment using this printable Thanksgiving Activity Pack. Grab our fun and easy Thanksgiving Activity Pack for printable Thanksgiving fun delivered right to your inbox! Just purchase, print, and play! Featuring 8 fun activities designs, these activities are perfect as a classroom party activity, church potluck activity or good-old fashioned family night game!

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What’s Included:

1.  Bible Verse Coloring Page of Psalms 136:1 (KJV)
2. “I Thank God For…” Writing Prompt and Drawing Page 
3.  Turkey Coloring Page
4.  Turkey Art Page
5.  Pumpkin Pie Maze Activity
6.  Pumpkin Drawing Activity
7.  Cuisine Challenge
8.  Horn of Plenty Coloring Page

-1 PDF file of US Letter sized document

Tips for encouraging togetherness during the holidays: The holiday season provides a wonderful opportunity to strengthen bonds and foster togetherness among family and friends.

One enjoyable way to encourage this sense of connection is through festive and collaborative activities. Consider organizing a holiday-themed cooking or baking session where family members can come together to prepare a special meal or bake cookies. This not only creates a shared experience but also allows everyone to contribute their unique touch to the celebration. The joy of creating something delicious as a team can be a delightful way to strengthen relationships and build lasting memories.

Another fun way to promote togetherness during the holidays is by engaging in group games and activities. Board games, card games, or even team-based video games can provide hours of entertainment and laughter for people of all ages. Setting up a friendly competition or tournament can add an extra layer of excitement, encouraging friendly banter and a sense of camaraderie. Whether it's a classic board game by the fireplace or a lively game of charades, these shared experiences help create a warm atmosphere, fostering a sense of togetherness that defines these precious holiday moments! 

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