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Machher, Tracey

Thanksgiving Appreciation Cards

Thanksgiving Appreciation Cards

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Printable Thanksgiving Appreciation Cards for Kids - 25 Cards

Make this Thanksgiving season extra special with our printable appreciation cards, handcrafted by little hands. Our resource includes 5 unique themes featuring play on words for Thanksgiving like 'Give 'em something to pumpkin about' and 'Leftovers are for quitters'. You'll get a total of 25 cards (5 cards per theme) in this printable resource.

Each card has a coloring image and text, providing a fun activity for learners to decorate and put their personal touch on their cards. These cards print one to a page, and the inside of the card is left blank, giving you the flexibility of adding a personal message, photo, drawing, or poem. Simply print and fold on regular paper or card stock.

Celebrate Thanksgiving in a unique and special way this year with our printable cards, perfect for the whole family to enjoy!

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