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Lucia B

The 50-States Workbook for K-3rd Grades

The 50-States Workbook for K-3rd Grades

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A beautiful introduction to learning about the 50 states of the USA. Created for K-3rd grade students, every state has three worksheets designed to repetitively learn the facts for each state, keeping geography lessons fun but also short and sweet.

  • Page 1 has a draw the flag section, write the state abbreviation, color the state on a USA map for state location awareness, and some common facts to talk about.
  • Page 2 is a coloring page with the state motto and state name origin included for more talking points.
  • Page 3 is a cut and paste worksheet going over the state flag, landmark, seal and state shape.

After 5 states there's a recap writing page for remembering state capitals.

Included in this fun 50 states learning bundle there are index pages for easy reference and a page for learning the 5 regions.

The 50-States workbook is 167 pages.

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