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Robertson, Diane

The Tale of Luck the Duck Easy Reader Collection 3

The Tale of Luck the Duck Easy Reader Collection 3

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Luck the Duck is a young Duck who lives by a lake. Luck the Duck learns about the Sea and he wants to take a journey to see the sea. These are his adventures.

The Tale of Luck the Duck is an Easy Reader and the third collection of mini books in our "My First Readers" series. The Tale of Luck the Duck exposes kids to many phonics sounds including words with "silent e" "ee" "ea" "aw" "ow" "ar" and "ay" . But all of the words are small and easy for a new reader.

The Tale of Luck the Duck is a delightful and peaceful nature story written in 5 mini books. The books hold pure imagination that children will both love and relate to. The mini books are all original in both story and illustration. The illustrations are all full color.

This is a digital download pdf file to create a less expensive option to the paperback book. It can be printed one mini book at a time as needed as part of language arts curriculum, or read from any digital device. There are 48 pages. Luck the Duck was written as part of the series of easy readers to go with our language arts curriculum “Learn to Read and Write Level 2”, but can be read as part of any language arts curriculum or as its own book.

The mini books included in this collection are:

  • Luck the Duck
  • Luck and the Cat
  • Luck the Duck on the Farm
  • Luck and the Duke
  • Luck and the Sea
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