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Machher, Tracey

Third Grade 'Fill the blank' BINGO (set 2)

Third Grade 'Fill the blank' BINGO (set 2)

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Looking for a fun and educational way to teach third grade academic vocabulary? Try BINGO! Our BINGO game not only helps students improve their spelling and vocabulary recognition, but also teaches them patience, coordination, and sportsmanship. Playing BINGO can boost cognitive abilities, as students have to be good listeners and quickly recognize the words on their cards. Plus, playing games in the classroom can promote social interaction and improve language skills.

This digital download includes 1 BINGO game, the call list includes the word and it's definition. There are 20 different card variations. Each game includes a list of 9 academic words at Third grade level. These are spaced out for easy completion. Learners will need to listen to the definition of the word, locate the word and fill in the blank. Three in a row shouts BINGO!

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