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Erickson Piano Studio (Christine Erickson)

Viola Flashcards

Viola Flashcards

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Our Viola Flashcards are a great way for viola students of all ages to sharpen their note reading skills!

We recommend printing the Viola Flashcards on card stock and laminate so they can be used over and over.

Students love to be quizzed with the Viola Flashcards!

Some ways that we use them:
-Look at the card, say the name of the note, then play on the viola.
-Print two sets of cards. Set aside two matching sets of notes you are working on.
Example: Using 2 copies of 5 different notes (10 cards total). Turn cards face down and play a matching game.
-For very early learners sort into piles of line notes and space notes.
-Line cards up on the floor or a table in ascending or descending order.

Terms of use:
This file is for your private use. Teachers may use this with the students they teach themselves in the studio.

Please do not share outside of your studio with other teachers.

Each teacher and/or parent needs to make a separate purchase.

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