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Teegarden, Mary

Vowel Teams Board Games Set

Vowel Teams Board Games Set

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I am always looking for fun and engaging ways to get my 1st and 2nd Grade students to practice the foundational reading skills that we are working on in class.

I created this Vowel Team Board Games Set to help my students practice decoding and reading words with vowel teams.

Vowel Team words can be tricky because, often, a vowel team can make more than one sound AND most sounds have more than one vowel team spelling. This requires ongoing practice and review.

This resource can be used in:
● In individual 1:1 Tutoring Session or Reading Intervention
● In a small group literacy center
● In a homeschool setting or intervention group

This Vowel Teams Board Games Set contains 12 different board games containing combinations of the different vowel teams.

● Grab some markers for game pieces... we like to use coins, buttons, or old game pieces.
● Grab a die from a game that you already have and you are ready to go.
● On your turn you roll the die. Move that many spaces.
● If you can read the word you get to stay on the space.
● If you cannot read the word then you must go back to start.
● The game ends when someone reaches the FINISH spot.

Have FUN playing this game with your child/student!!

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