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Robertson, Diane

When Jesus Was Born

When Jesus Was Born

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25 pages

When Jesus Was Born
Written by Diane Robertson
Illustrated by Ruth Robertson
Copyright Dec 2021
Robertson Family Publishing

This is the story of the Birth of Jesus Christ, as found in the KJV Luke chapters 1 & 2, written in a rhyming poetic form.

23 years ago, when I was 25 and had 2 little daughters aged 1 and 2, I was very excited to celebrate Christmas with them. One of the things that I wanted to do was to read a Christmas story each night before bed.

I had a lot of Santa Stories and only a few religious, and rather unusual stories, such as an ABC book about the birth of Christ. I noticed that my little daughters liked rhyming books the best and had thought then that I would like to own a rhyming version of the story of of the Birth of Christ.

I thought about writing it myself. This thought reoccurred about it every year after that time, while I continued to add babies to our family and as my kids grew.

In 2020, as I snuggled my 12th baby, I finally wrote the story out in rhyme and asked my daughter Ruth, who was then 23, to illustrate it for me. She was new at illustrating and nervous, but got to work on it.

A year later, we put the book together and published it as a paperback on We have only ever charged the cost of print for this book, and would now like to continue to offer it as a free digital copy.

It is great as a digital book used on a tablet or laptop.

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