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Robertson, Diane

Writing Letters

Writing Letters

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Writing Letters is a pdf digital download lesson on how to write letters. It is for the third to fourth grade student who can competently write sentences and is ready to put sentences together to write things to other people.

This product includes one page of instructions on how to write a letter. It teachers where to put the date and address if necessary, where to place an opening to a letter, where the body of the letter goes, and how to close a letter.

It teaches that capital letters go in every word of an opening and every word of a closing. It teaches that commas go after the addressees name in the opening unless it is an opening such as "To Whom it May Concern". It teaches to put a comma after a closing statement before the writer's signature.

In addition to instruction this product includes a sample letter from a student about the 3rd to 4th grade level with instructions to pay attention to the structure of the letter and proper comma placements and capital lettering.

The final thing this product includes is a one page stationery page with lines placed for the date and address, opening, body, and closing for a letter with instructions to use that letter to write a letter to a family member.

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