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Younger Elementary Bundle by Nat Bro

Younger Elementary Bundle by Nat Bro

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Get some fun activities with this 5-pack digital PDF product set.  Purchase individually or save 10% off when you bundle!

What's Included:

1. My Family Journal:

This portfolio-style little workbook is the perfect gift to give parents, grandparents, and other family members.

10 pages children can take the time to fill out about themselves, their parents, and their grandparents.  There is also a family tree where they can draw their family members including siblings.  Makes a great keepsake for children of all ages!

2. All About My Dog:

Spend some time with your special pet as you answer these couple of questions about your dog.

Thank you for taking the time to purchase this questionnaire about your beloved dog. This 1-page questionnaire aims to gather important information about your furry friend.

Dive in and learn more about your canine companion!

3. Animal Life Cycle Series: The Butterfly:

Do you have kids interested in learning more about the life cycles of butterflies?  Look no further!

1. Create your own flip book where learners can write down information they gain from studying the different life cycle sections of butterflies.

2. Cut and paste the life cycles (one for younger and one for older)

3. Poster of the butterfly life cycle you can laminate and hang up on your wall.

4. Hangable Bee Affirmation Posters:

Get these adorable bee-themed 8.5 x 11" pages that you can laminate and hang in your classroom.

Affirmations in this pack:

  • Bee Kind
  • Bee Happy
  • Bee Ready
  • Bee Joyful
  • Bee Smart
  • Bee Strong 
  • Bee Honest
  • Bee Lovely
  • Bee Brave
  • Bee Humble
  • and Bee Respectful

5. Flower Trace and Color Alphabet Book:

Does your child need help tracing print or cursive letters?  This set is for you.

This flower set has each letter used 4 times. 

The first flashcard shows the upper and lowercase solid cursive letter.

The second flashcard shows the upper and lowercase dotted cursive letter.

The third flashcard shows the upper and lowercase solid print letters. 

The final flashcard shows the upper and lowercase dotted letters.

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