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Robertson, Diane

My First Reader Easy Reader Collection 1

My First Reader Easy Reader Collection 1

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My First Reader Easy Reader Collection 1 is a collection of 18 PDF mini books for the child who is ready to start reading but has not yet learned to read.

This collection starts out with books with 3-to-4-word sentences like "I see a dog" and then progresses. The book progresses through the short vowel sounds and uses sight words such as "see" "saw" "go" "like" "likes" "I", etc.

My first Reader has all original, full colored illustrations that will assist the child in figuring out the words. However, these mini books are phonics based and written with the intent that the child can use already acquired consonant and short vowel sounds to sound out 3 and 4 letter short vowel words such as "mom" "dad" "cat" "dog" "sit" and "sat".

This collection goes along naturally with our Learn to Read and Write Level 1 curriculum, but it can also be used alongside any language arts curriculum or as a book for your child to read in bed at night before going to sleep.

There are 172 pages, and they are all illustrated. The delightful illustrations will be fun for children to look at and talk about.

The titles of the books in this collection are:

  • Rat Cat Pat
  • I See
  • The Bug and the Mug
  • My Mom and the Bug
  • "Mom! Mom!"
  • Sam Sat
  • I love My Dad
  • The Bug and I
  • The Hen
  • "Go to Bed Ned!"
  • Cars Can Go Far
  • I Love
  • I am Pat
  • Sam Likes
  • Sam and Pam
  • Ned's Ball
  • Bunnies
  • "No Cat!"
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