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Robertson, Diane

My First Reader Collection 2

My First Reader Collection 2

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My First Reader Collection 2 is the second book in a 3-book series of easy reader books for children who are not reading but are ready to learn to read.

This collection contains 21 PDF mini books and follows naturally from collection one. Collection one expects the child to know the consonant and vowel sounds, collection two expects the child to be able to sound out 3 letter short vowel words and be ready for some easy long vowel words.

My First Reader Collection 2 starts out with short vowel words and progresses to long vowel words with silent e, oa, and ay. There will be sight words too, such as “by” “put” “all” “house”, etc.

My First Reader collection 2 has full colored illustrations on every page that will be fun for children to look at and talk about. The delightful illustrations will also help the early reader figure out words, though, this collection is based on a phonic approach to reading and it is expected the early readers will sound out the words.

This collection goes along naturally with our Learn to Read and Write Level 1 and level 2 curriculum, but it can also be used alongside any language arts curriculum or as a book for your child to read in bed at night before going to sleep.

This is a digital download pdf file to create a less expensive option to the paperback book. It can be printed one mini book at a time. There are 169 pages.

The titles of the mini books in this collection are:

  • All on the Mat
  • My Hen
  • Jim’s Pig
  • The Hog in the Bog
  • My Cub
  • The Hen in Her Nest
  • Fun in the Sun
  • My Tent
  • In My House
  • I See a Bee
  • I Like to Bike
  • Pie
  • The Cake
  • Pete Eats
  • We Lay in the Bay
  • I have a Boat
  • June
  • And Sometimes Y
  • I Wish I Were
  • Where Did My Whale Go?
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